One side of technology that may go under the radar in a business sense, is the Applications. These offer a platform for developers to earn a lot of money and the companies such as Apple are all too quick to point out what good they are doing about how much revenue is generated from something which they have created.

It seems like just yesterday when we were told that the App store had a million apps on a worldwide scale, period. Now that number has ballooned out to the million figure for inside the United States only.

Does that mean that the development is growing more rapidly than anything we’ve ever seen before? We wouldn’t go that far because the U.S is huge when it comes to tech-space. They have always been the pioneers of having a lot of web traffic as well as gadgets and products. If we then combine that with revenue generated because there are so many people and the economy is still strong, we have a place that by far and away spends more than any other continent.

Because Android is so big, it’s important for the fruit company to try to stand out as much as possible. We constantly see these figures as a constant reminder that it was the Cupertino guys who have been ahead in this department right from the beginning.

The others are always trying to constantly hunt them down. We’ve seen some great innovation by Windows lately to try to gain back some of the market, and it terms of their own applications store, they had the idea of merging everything they had together and just create one single Windows Phone store.

The Apple store had an upgrade not too long ago, which let users search for the apps better. You can expect the words you are typing to appear much smarter than before. Before if you didn’t type every letter correctly, it wouldn’t have appeared like you wanted it to.

The iPad was given its own app store last month officially by Apple. They did this because all the developers don’t create things equally for the two different forms of mobile phone. This can lead to conflicts with the performance. With an extreme emphasis being put on how well the software works on devices, it’s important they manage to reduce this kind of damage from people who don’t know any better. Often it’s the lack of support that results in poor performance that is quickly blamed as a bad iOS version.

Via: Redmond Pie