As long as it is an Apple product that you own then you will be running iOS of some sort. New figures have just come in that show three-quarters of people living in the United States that use iOS and now using the very latest iOS 7. That figure would arguably be a lot more if everybody was using newer products.

People using anything second generation and lower can’t even use the fruit companies latest iteration of the operating system if they wanted to because their devices simply don’t support it. If we were to look at it from another angle, it also lets us see how many people are still using the older iPhone’s like the 3G and 3GS.

How does this compare when looked at the older OS 6? It took that one roughly six months before it was a bit above where we are now with the 7. That equals not a great deal of difference because we are sitting at around four or five months since this one’s release.

The latest OS from the Cupertino company was nothing short of a nightmare when it was going through its beta stages. By now, though, it is very well liked and enjoyed by nearly all people on it. It still has its moments when it comes to stalls and a few bugs, but because it was such a different bit of software compared to anything else we had seen, we will sweep it under the rug and forgive them this time.

While on the topic, the waiting period for buying the new iPhone 5S has dropped down to between 1-3 days for shipments. That is an all time low. Last time we reported it was anywhere up to a week, and even that was considered good. Sitting at a day is about as good as it gets, so if it was waiting you were planning on skipping before you decided to splurge, that time has now finished.

Via AppleInsider