When the flagship iPhone 5S from Apple was released the waiting period quickly ballooned out to several weeks and even months for some colors. That’s then followed a similar pattern all the way back down, only it took a lot longer to do so. As it’s gradually climbed back down we have covered the times to keep you guys up to date on what’s going on. The last three reports went something like 5-7 days, then 3-5 days and finally 1-3 days. That should have had most people, at least, willing to look at ordering theirs in by that time.

Now the names are as good as it gets because almost every single Apple store is expected to have the iPhone 5S in stores and with no shipments required to have you walking home with yours in the box. Supply has reached a fully sustainable amount. That also included all the colors including the very popular Gold that many people were paying unbelievable amounts of Benjamin’s for after it was clear it would be taking a really long time to get in its early stages. What also helped with the lack of interest from the budget iPhone 5C. This allowed Apple employees to cut down on the production there and focus all of their attention on the flagship model instead.

This news offers people the chance to hook in and snap one up as a Christmas present without any worries. While obviously and expensive one there will be people out there willing to fork out the extra coin for their loved ones. It’s also very possible that Apple has predicted this as the schedule, with the demand dwindling down just as we get to the second week over December. Following a similar theme, there is a new Razer Kazuyo gamepad coming out possibly before Christmas. This will work around the iPhone shell and act as a controller for gaming. A bit like a handheld Nintendo Game boy, but with the iPhone as the centerpiece.

The 5S is the model that has the all new touch ID fingerprint scanners. This has been a big hit and certainly won’t be taken away from future models. There is no other handset that offers you this same experience, even from competitors. It will still be about 8 months until the new iPhone topples it from the fruit company hierarchy too.

This phone has an IPS-LCD based display and on a 4-inch Retina Display that keeps its resolution of 640 x 1136 pixels. It has the infamous 64-bit processor, which is known as the best out there. The competitors like Qualcomm have finally announced their new range will have this type of architecture.