The growth of Twitter over the last few years has been huge and with good reason. It’s a great micro blogging tool to catch up on all the gossip on. Recent debacles over celebrity accounts has been a minor hiccup that is now gone with the installation of verified accounts solving that issue. Twitter still remains the favorite place to check up on all your favorite stars and their where bouts in the world.

Coming close to celebrities is reporters for big time companies as well as expert hackers and all things alike who use their Twitter accounts to break news with. So to people like myself twitter is also a very handy tool to see whats happening in the world.


“You have to take the good with the bad” is a popular saying; a saying which also applies to Twitter. Indeed, Twitter has its fair share of critics too. People that see no use for it other than a silly place to share pictures and other pointless giddy things. They hate the layout, they hate having all those people in their news feeds and soon it becomes dysfunctional for them. Mix that in with having a lack of friends, as well as a lack of interest and all of a sudden becoming a Tweeter is not going to happen for them. No-sir-ee-bob! Well now there’s a solution for all the haters out there and it’s called the TwittStalker tweak.

TwittStalker doesn’t require any signing up to Twitter at  all, just simply add the persons Twitter username that you are interested in “stalking” and you will get those updates coming directly to your phone. Nobody knows your there and you don’t need to create a profile.

To get your hands on the TwittStalker just head over to the Cydia store.

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