SafariSwipez for iPhone by developer, Bensge, is much as the name suggests – a tweak that let’s you use swipe gestures inside of Safari. If you are a Safari user then you might know the standard way of closing a tab inside it.


There is many things that could be improved inside the Safari app, but possibly the main thing that tics many people off is the somewhat less than economical experience of closing tabs. The way it works is the tabs are viewed as cards. If you want to close these tabs you have to press the x that is in the corner, much like you do on a Windows operating system. It’s not a bad method, but on a small device it’s not fantastic either – much like a lot of things to do with Safari.


With SafariSwipez, however, it’s all about the swipe. Instead of having to view your tab and press the x in the corner, all you have to do is swipe across the screen to view the next tab, or swipe up or down to remove that tab from your browser. It’s a great way to get the job done and is being hailed as “the way Apple should have implemented the delete feature in Safari”.


To setup the SafariSwipe Cydia tweak is really simple. After respringing the iPhone it will be done. Once installed there is nothing needed to configure. Just install and away you go. Open up a couple of tabs and try out your new SafariSwipez tweak!

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