The Zephyr Cydia tweak is one of the best tweaks that has come out for jailbroken devices to date. The Zephyr tweaks main priority is to make switching between apps really easy to do and it manages to do that as good as anyone can imagine.

As we’ve seen with many things being updated since the iOS 6.1 update by Apple, Zephyr also makes that list. The main reason for this is to fix bugs that crept in once iOS 6 came. In saying that, Zephyr 1.5 does also come with some cool new features as well.


Zephyr 1.5  tweak new features:

  1. Now you can pinch to close apps when using Zephyr.
  2. A four finger swipe feature as it has been called by the developer for switching between apps.
  3. Changes in the control settings.
  4. All of these were iPad gestures that are now available to be used on the iPhone.

Although the Zephyr update reports to get rid of known bugs, there has been some chatter around the web of people having some bugs after updating to this 1.6 version. The main problem, if you can call it that is users seeing icons become larger when situated inside folders. This has been reported by numerous people, so it may be a fairly consistent problem. If this is something you would not like to experience, we suggest not updating to this Zephyr version. In saying that, there is no word of when the next version will be updated to fix these problems so you may be waiting for quite some time.

On top of that, there is an already known issue by the developer which is the grabber doesn’t work for swiping. He says this will be fixed soon. With a bit of luck the large icons issue has been brought to his attention also.

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