Do you own a Jailbroken iDevice and think you have what it takes to create some awesome home-grown tweaks? Then you need to get your hands on Flex, the Cydia App which allows users to create their own tweaks to use on their Jailbroken iPhone’s,  iPad’s or iPod touch’s – providing you’re running on iOS 5 or higher. We mentioned this tweak briefly in our ‘Cydia Tweaks Must Have’ list, but it definitely warrants another mention.

Imagine having the ability to customize your phone to your specific needs by simply creating a tweak to work with what you need. The developer, John Coates has summarized the Jailbreak app very nicely, saying “Flex lets you exercise the limits of your device by enabling you to make your own jailbreak tweaks.”  In a nutshell, Flex allows users to customize Apps that have been downloaded through the App store as well as modify system settings all without any programming or tweaking knowledge.


The Jailbreak App has been reputed with mixed emotions  from developers with a large number celebrating the release as a great introductory for new Jailbreakers into the inner workings of iOS and the wonderful world of tweaking . But others are warning that Flex is much too complex for beginners and insisting it stay out of the public’s hands. Having said that, the App only allows moderate changes to be made to your device and it’s fair to say you’re not going to develop anything too extreme.

If you’re particularly proud of a tweak you have created then you have the ability to share it with other Flex users through the Flex community cloud. You can also check out what other users have been creating and download your favorite ones to your device instantly. One of the many benefits of this application is your access to the community cloud, even if you’re not keen on designing your own tweaks, Flex is still worth the download to view hundreds of personal tweaks created by others.

Flex is current available through the BigBoss repo for $3.99 and in our opinion it is well worth the price.

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