Apple has made a tips and tricks section available from their blog so that the owners of the new duo of iPhone’s can feel more comfortable with their devices.

The latest release from the Cupertino company has been anything but smooth. From the phone’s themselves, not being good enough and Apple as a company being called out as nothing more than profit hungry, to issues with the latest firmware release, it seems no matter what the fruit company has done lately it hasn’t been good enough. That could be the reason behind this next bit of news.

Last years iPhone 5 was taken out from the lineup of mobiles thanks to the new range that knocked them off, but there are still some guides for the iPhone 4S there on top of the brand new one’s for the 5S and 5C range. The guides are very detailed and helpful if you are in need of some extra information about them.

One of the more noticeable improvements in the new line is the camera and how it works. This is also the type of thing that needs a manual to understand properly if you haven’t had the luxury of having a friend fill you in on the details. For that reason Apple has provided some to help you out.

There’s also some helpful tips on the Siri side of things. Things like setting reminders with her and certain pronunciations can be selected if you’re in the know how.

To find them, all you need to do is head over to the Apple dot-com website and hit up the tips from the menu there. Alternatively, you can go to this address once on site: iphone-5s/tips/.