Most computer enthusiasts have encountered common problems on their computers. Slow and sluggish computers can be annoying and infuriate particularly when you have to open a file. For these reasons, you do not have to worry anymore since there are tips and tricks to help you deal computer predicaments.

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25 Tips and Tricks to Speed Up Computer Performance

1. Defrag the hard disk on your computer.

2. You need to defrag the Windows Registry too.

3. Free up disk space on your computer to enhance computer speed. Aside from this, you need to empty the Recycle Bin too.

4. To speed up your computer during the booting of your computer, you need to eliminate some programs on the startup menu. Too many programs on the startup can cause the slow performance on your computer.

5. It is recommended that you use the MSCONFIG utility to disable startup programs.

6. If you might have noticed, search indexing is turned on for all local hard drives in your Windows computers. To increase speed on your computer, you must have to disable the indexing.

7. You may turn off the visual effects in Windows from the Performance Options.

8. A free program called the Bootvis from Microsoft can help in optimizing the time in booting the system.

9. Clean your registry. Remove shortcuts, invalid paths, and broken shortcuts as well.

10. Spyware is considered as one of the main reasons for encountering slow computers. That is why installing an anti-virus or anti-spyware can help remove virus and spyware from your system. It is best to scan and update your computer with the anti-virus regularly to best protect your computer.

11. By using a PC Decrapifier, you can help remove unwanted or junk software from your computer.

12. You need to disable Windows services such as the settings and programs that are unnecessary since it can cause the slow performance on your computer.

13. You can tweak the settings of your mouse to have a fast and quick response on your computer. You can copy and paste faster as well as you can quickly navigate in browsing your computer.

14. There are free programs that can help you delete temporary, unnecessary and unused files. PCKeeper and CCLeaner are one of the best for this category.

15. You must have to delete Internet browsing history, temporary Internet files, and cookies. Your computer can accumulate this information every time you visit and browsed websites from the Internet. You need to delete then since it can occupy space and can slow down computers.

16. To improve performance on your computer, you should clean the Windows prefetch folder.

17. To help speed up the booting time of your system, you may disable the XP boot logo.

18. It is recommended that you must have to minimize the number of programs that your computer needs to load up on the startup.

19. Run DOS programs in separate memory spaces so that you can achieve better performance on your computer.

20. You need to turn off the default disk performance monitors on the Windows XP.

21. For the icons to appear faster while browsing in My Computer, you must have to disable the search for network files and printers.

22. To speed up Windows boot time, you must have to use the Windows Performance Toolkit.

23. Using external DNS server like OpenDNS can help expedite the Internet browsing.

24. To speed up your Windows, you must have to disable automatic Last Access Timestamp.

25. You must regularly run the Disk Cleanup utility on your computer.
These tips and tricks guarantee you increase computer speed and better performance on your computer. Optimal performance is now achievable.