The Atrix is the most popular smart phone in the Motorola range. So when it comes to getting some juicy information there’s never a shortage of interest. Luckily we have got our hands on some very useful information which Motorola Atrix owners can use. Check out after the jump for some great Motorola Atrix Tricks and Tips.

The first problem that comes to mind with the Atrix and issues is the battery life. Now smart phones, no matter which type and well renown for being very battery thirsty so to speak and the Atrix is no exception. In fact, people who have previously owned an iPhone and then switch to the Atrix report back that the iPhone is much better in this department. So, there first Motorola Atrix Tricks worth noting as about the battery issues and how to help save it.


The ways to save your Atrix battery consumption is to first of all Dim the screen brightness. It is set to be quite bright, if you reduce this alone you will notice a difference. There is more you can do though. The next thing to do is turn off the Auto sync feature. Generally anything that is set to auto is using battery because it’s using a function that requires battery to operate. Consider a phone and battery to be similar to  people and food. When its doing something for you it needs to replenish that energy by taking from the battery. Much like a human needs to replenish by eating. Last but not least is to make sure social media like Facebook and Twitter and also any number of the other ones that are growing ever popular this year are set not to sync in the background also. You can make all of these changes in your Motorola Atrix settings field.

The Motorola Atrix doesn’t have an annoying keyboard but still its less than stellar because of its need to be compact. Theres some helpful keyboard shortcuts much like on a computer to make your life easier. Get to know these shortcuts and you’ll save lots of time out of your daily lives. It’s always a good idea to learn a shortcut for any function that is a common one that you use in particular. You can get a hold of all keyboard shortcuts from the Motorola Atrix site.

The next tip is in regards to the Motorola Atrix camera. A really helpful Motorola Atrix tricks is to tap on the screen where you want to focus on. After you do this the Atrix will now automatically adjust its lens to focus on the subject area your choosing. The Motorola Atrix can be perceived to have a bad camera but that’s not true, most people just havent learnt how to use it properly.