We are now seeing flexible OLED displays being introduced to our cell phones. This started off as only having one strength: being unbreakable. It didn’t have any other use because it was in a hard shell still.

LG were the first manufacturer to come up with a bright idea — create a curved shell that the flexible display will sit in. Even though the outer casing is still rock-solid, we now have a curved shape there.

Before today there really wasn’t any reason known to buy this other than for its good looks — if that is the kind thing you consider to be good looking.

Now, though, a new idea has come to mind: viewing the display from outdoors could be much better than anything we have seen before.

Smartphones have notoriously been bad for trying to see the screen in sunlight. The galaxy S3 really struggled with this in particular. Apple’s advanced screen technology with retina display has proven to be acceptable over time, but all-in-all it’s hard to argue against the fact that it is a universal problem all devices suffer from.

By using the curvature, that could all be changed. Not because the screen is made out of anything different, but because the curve will act as a creator of better angles and thus giving a better viewing experience. There will also be times where it will give off a bit of shading from the light.

Via: DisplayMate