Remembering that we are only a whisker away from being part of 2014, at Berg Insight has predicted that the world we live in will have sold 64 million bits of wearable tech like smart watches and Google Glass by the 2017. That’s basically 3 years from now.

Pebble smartwatch was the first to crack into the market, followed by the Galaxy Gear which is expected to receive several more devices for compatibility along with the Android 4.3 update soon. As for the Pebble, it was a bit of a flop with many not even having heard of it. That could be seen as somewhat unlucky because it wasn’t a bad watch.

Many more companies are expected to break into the smartwatch category within the next 12 months.

Google is the next in line that are expected to make a big bang. There will be many of these watches running Android, but Google is expected to also break into the market with their very own version. Much more will be said on that very shortly.

Via: BGR