The plan is to make the Samsung Galaxy Gear compatible for all different types of Smartphones and not just the current Galaxy range, a Samsung spokesman has said.

For the time being, we are seeing some big restrictions being applied for the smart watches we have available. They also lack any fantastic feature that can’t already be done on a mobile phone. This is set to change on both accounts in the near future.

While a complete universal smart watch would seem ideal, we all know that that isn’t the way business works unfortunately. Chances are that a Samsung watch will only work on other Samsung branded devices if and when the Galaxy Gear does become compatible outside of the Galaxy range.

They way in which it is expected to expand its reach is via software updates in the future. Once the Smartphone has been updated to a newer firmware it will then activate the ability to connect with the watches.

A good idea of what other phones would could see become available to be used along side the Gear would be the Nexus range. The Nexus 5 is expected to be released sometime over the next week or so.