We reported yesterday about the national basketball association and Samsung agreeing on what seemed to be a rather hefty deal with a $100 million price tag along with it. One of the extra involvements that had the deal so the price has come to light today.

Lebron James has just ended up making an advertisement with the new Galaxy Gear featured around his wrist. It would seem this is without a doubt part of the package. The NBA kicked off last night, but it was only three games they played instead of the many I reported. You can thank NBA’s poor navigation for that hick-up. My Rockets will be on tonight for the first time.

This commercial goes for 2 minutes, and to be honest, features very little of the Galaxy Gear in its own right. Instead, they have tried to focus on the story around it. Personally, I’m not sure if it has worked, or even if people will remember what was around Lebron’s wrist.

The ad also shows off the Galaxy Note 3 which is compatible with the gear. It may even show the Galaxy S4, which is yet to be compatible, but expected to be soon with an Android 4.3 update coming with it. There’s also an Android tablet in the mix when he’s kicking it at home with his kids.

Normally an entire commercial break is two minutes long, so this will effectively take up the whole thing. It will likely air as of today when day two of the season kicks off and continues to be played throughout the 82 game season.

The NBA seems to be developing quite a rapport with technology these days. On draft night of 2013, the number two overall pick was greeted on stage wearing the Google Glasses. That’s even more amazing considering they aren’t out yet and won’t be until 2014. Whether it was a paid set up by Google or not isn’t understood. Google has had a program that allows anyone to collect a pair for testing purposes. It could well be that Victor Oladipo was so fond of the new tech that he wanted to give them a try.

Via: TheVerge