Fortunately for most places in the world, they aren’t subject to copping the brutal force of these hurricanes we see so often across the United States of America. Although Sandy didn’t leave the destruction of Hurricane Katrina that we saw all those years ago in New Orleans, it still did cause a lot of pain and suffering for many.

Being New York, we can sometimes be quick to assume that their thick skinned nature has left them fine with it all, and for some that may even be true. However, that hasn’t stopped Google from putting out the generous donation of 17,000 Nexus 7 tablets for the home of the big Apple.

Damages from Sandy have caused an estimated of $68 billion dollars.

These tablets will find their way around to the communities in need around the state.

Estimations of Google’s input is being priced at around 2.7 million in ‘tablet relief funds’.

“Google is proud to partner with Governor Cuomo and the New York State Community Action Agencies on this hardware donation,” said Susan Molinari, VP of Government Relations at Google. “We believe that technology can and does play a compelling role in rebuilding communities to make them more resilient and stronger. Increasingly, more and more people are using technology and the internet to educate themselves or provide for their families. Our hope is that these tablets will be a resource to do just that.”

Via: Android Headlines