Happy Halloween! We should have known Google would have picked this occasion to drop what we have all been waiting for — KitKat Rom and the new nexus 5 smart phones.

We posted several days ago about an alleged invite that showed what appeared to be the Nexus 5 with KitKat inside of it and it pointed to that date being November 5th as the launch. That seems to be incorrect because today is the day everybody is reporting the event to be held on.

We got one thing right at least: We guessed both things would be launched together at the same time, and we’ve been saying that for a while now.

Larry Page, co-founder of Google, has been using his personal edition of the chocolate firmware since early September.

Two days ago from now saw the first ever KitKat promo video released. Android and magic put together was its theme, although there isn’t any proper understanding what this was about. It could have just been for humor reasons, or there could be a big feature in store for us.

Last week the news was that the new chocolate software was going to be a more Google TV focused rather than mobile focused. I guess we’re about to find out in a few hours time.

This build was originally being called Key Lime Pie and was expected to land on devices as early as March of 2013. Those plans were put to an end and around mid-year we found out that key Lime Pie wouldn’t be used as the name because outside of America isn’t really familiar with the name. Kit Kat on the other hand is known around the globe as a tasty treat, even if it does hail from the U.S.A.

Update: screenshots have appeared on Reddit today of it runs on the phone.