The next few years are shaping up to be an interesting one. For starters, I’m personally in love with what we are seeing in smartwatches and I think there is a strong future there for sure. That’s not to say that mobile will disappear, or even dim down from what it is today, but I definitely see the wearable technology sector expanding dramatically rather than it being a flop like some other blogs are expecting.

The two main parts of wearables will be the smartwatch and the Google glasses. There will most likely be some competitors put in the glass category before too long also. The problem with these glasses, though, is that they aren’t expected to be out until 2014, even though we have seen some testers well into play by this time for them. Smartwatches on the other hand, are already thriving. One like the galaxy Gear for example, is the watch currently representing the Android front. If we were to nitpick, the issue with it is compatible. Last week there was only one device that it could be used with and over the next week that number should have increased to four. The reason for the jump up will be because three more phones will have the upgrade to Android 4.4 Kit Kat.

The other great feature the chocolate software will possess is the ability to keep the older, low memory devices running better. Normally we expect the opposite effect to happen, such as with Apple’s ioS 7, where it has phased out the older devices because they don’t support it. Google and Android have managed to turn things in the opposite direction and make things work even better than what they did. And frankly, if it wasn’t for business reasons, that should be the way we expect things to go. That’s a considerable one-up there for Android over its main competitor out of Cupertino.

If you were planning on sitting around and waiting for the eventual release of Kitkat, you might want to change your plans. Depending on who you talk to will create a whole new story one when we are going to see its release. Some are saying all will be revealed today. That’s seems to have changed now yet again, with a fair chunk of people expecting it still to be here next week.