Normally when we hear about market shares we are hearing about the Apple’s and the Android’s, but we aren’t hearing about the device manufacturers.

Today a startling figure has come to light in Q3 of 2012: Samsung now has a 35% market share across the globe for Smartphones. That figure is an all-time high for them.

That wasn’t the only record broken for Q3 either: As far as shipments go, they have grown a staggering 45% from the same period last year in 2012.

Samsung have long been one of the preferred Smartphone manufacturers around and their flagship is also one of the best to run under the Android operating system. It hasn’t done them any harm by being the first company to come out with a flexible display either, even if the rest doesn’t move as of yet and it was entry-level. They also flew out in front with the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch.

Via: Strategy Analytics