Wearing Google Glass and not having good eyesight was always one of the big concerns that would have to be addressed sooner than later. We recently informed you about the Glass Explorer program, where every day civilians could arrive at the doorsteps of Google and grab their own pair to wear, as long as they gave helpful feedback about them.

Google has gone one step further today and announced that any people partaking in this program can take their pair of glasses in so that they can be prescribed, meaning they will now suit your eyes like your normal glasses would.

On the surface, it seems like Google is taking a long time to release the Glass project and that isn’t encouraging. The folks back at the Mountain View headquarters won’t admit that though, as they have gone to the media and told them that they expect 10 million pairs of Glass sold by 2018. In fairness, that’s still four years away and in the broad spectrum of things, 10 million isn’t a very high number when you are considering all the people who there is in the world. If we were to compare that to Smartphone numbers, it is well down.

Via Ars Technica