The Samsung galaxy S5 — which will be the new flagship model — could be coming to the 64-bit processor called Exynos. Samsung, of course, will have their own version of the special chip. This one is claiming to withhold a larger amount of RAM on board. There are rumors of the S5 holding as much as 4GB of RAM. If that does turn out to be true, then that would have eclipsed all current records.

It wasn’t long ago that Apple’s competitors called this whole 64-bit architecture a bit of a sham — labeling it as almost useless because there wasn’t anything around that needs that kind of processor anyway. Those talks seem to have died off completely and it does seem as though all competitors, including Samsung, have decided to push hard to develop the same kind of processor as Apple did when they released their iPhone 5S flagship only a short while ago.

The 5S has been out for some time no and there’s little doubt about the extra processor’s capabilities. Those who pick up good quality games, for example, will definitely be able to notice a difference in performance compared to when they play the same game on the older iPhone 4S.

Via TheDroidGuy