If you are fed up with the sheer amount of bugs in iOS 7 for the iPhone then thank god you don’t have the iPad because it’s ten fold worse. There is a reason for that: Apple didn’t start working on iOS 7 for the iPad until a later date. This wasn’t because it’s easier, it’s just that there are more people on the iPhone’s and they see its final product to be more serious. I’m sure they would have loved the extra time for all devices, but the time just wasn’t there. Needless to say this is what brought about the extra issues.

One of those issues known to date is the keyboard lag. This is an area of paramount importance because if you can’t even type properly then what can you do? Surely you would expect a company like Apple to have this right? Normally so, yes, but this time around they did not for many users.

Users are more than welcome to wait it out for another firmware date if it isn’t of the utmost importance to them and/or they are just simply lazy. If you are not in that boat, however, then there is a solution for you to fix it by yourself.

Fixing An iPad Keyboard That Went Bad After Updating To iOS 7

1. Access the settings icon.

2. Open iCloud.

3. Look for documents and data. Turn this off and back on.

4. Head out there and go to general followed by a reset. This will kill your current WiFi connection. It will need the password for your home service to re-access it again. Other than that, there isn’t too much to worry about. All of your data, emails and photos and things like that will remain untouched.

This nifty trick might not have you covered forever. If it does play up on you again, simply follow the same steps and do it over. Eventually a firmware update will arrive giving you permanent relief from this issue, but until then this will have to do.