The iWatch is a Smartwatch Apple are making that is many years in the making and still not here. It’s been even longer than the Sony and Samsung versions, even though they always seem to be the ones in the news lately about it.

Apple is obviously keeping tight-lipped over the scenario because about the only images you can find on the watch is a bulky square-faced, polar opposite version of what you would typically expect Apple to produce. Moreover, surely it is the competition like Sony that will have the sharp corners. It’s a good example of how things can stay behind closed doors if they really want them to. It could also resemble that the iWatch isn’t anywhere near launching, as we would expect leaks to eventually come out before it is revealed to us.

Whatever your view, Gene Munster, the Apple analyst has come out and said that he expects the iWatch to sell between 5 and 10 million smart watches in the first year of sales.

Apple’s new watch in the works is shaping up for release sometime during 2014. Knowing the fruit company, that could be next to the likes of the new iPhone 6, or later in the year with the new iPad range.

The price for such a device could be as low as $350, which would be very competitive given that it’s coming from a notoriously expensive Cupertino company.

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