The iPhone 5S, otherwise known as the flagship model of the newest iPhone that has just been recently made available to buy, has taken the top seed in Smartphone purchases for September on the United States records.

This is a stark contrast when compared to the iPhone 5C, which really struggled to take off, even though it is a quality device. A big part of that could be because of the same parts being reused. The new fingerprint scanner inside of the flagship device could also have resulted in less sales.

For now, though, I’m sure Apple will be looking to focus on the positives and it seems there are some to take from this recent news.

Going on comparison tests alone, the 5S is well ahead of the competition in terms of hardware performance. These types of stats always draw a strong crowd.

Many of the iPhone’s competitors are not expecting to have the same kind of bio-metric technology inside of their devices for at least a few more months. This gives Apple a good head start to gain some extra loyal consumers.

The 5S managed to lead the way in sales taken from reports by all the four biggest phone carriers inside of the United States of America.

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