Some tweaks are more of a novelty, and can leave us folk eschewing over using them. This one on the other hand is most certainly noteworthy and manages to convince us that the exact opposite is the way it should be.

There’s very little of it at all, it only takes a quick download and it’s finished. Don’t use any settings and don’t play with a thing; it’s there for you as soon as it’s unlocked.

This tweak is Arco and all it does it put a little circle at the top of the notifications bar next to the battery display. The idea behind it is that when you listen to your music this very bar will start winding down towards an eventual eclipse. When it finishes, so will your song.

For some it will serve no purpose at all, however, I happen to know a select few who will love this for a bevy of personal reasons.

You know when you’re watching a music clip and you just want to know who the artist is, but the show only finds it necessary to display it at the beginning and not also at the end and your left rattling your brains trying not to burst a vein, because you have no idea what or who that was? Well, this is the way of the simple gesture, something many can appreciate more than others will recognize.

Then of course there’s the simple notion of knowing when the song will end, for time purposes. This also will have its audience.

Whatever reason you want it you can have it by downloading it. Before you do, it’s important to note that the founder of ModMyi — a Cydia source — has his own charity that is for neuroblastoma pediatric cancer. The guy’s name is Kyle Matthew’s and all proceeds of this one will be heading there. For $0.99 it’s a good deal no matter which way you look at it.