Apple will look to continue its globalization techniques by opening a brand new retail outlet store in Turkey’s capital and largest city, Istanbul sometime during 2014.

When Apple does something they always like to do it well, and this latest store heading over to the East will be no different. The store will reportedly measure up as 21,000 square feet when complete and customers will be able to find it located inside of the existing Zorlu shopping center. More specifically, it will be placed between the Burberry and Louis Vuitton outlets.

It’s great news for Turkey as a whole, who haven’t had any Apple stores there at all since Apple began its grown over a decade ago. Up until now all residents of the country could do was order online, and if you’ve followed Apple trends, you’d know how much of a pain that can be.

The pressure and inability to meet demand has also had the Apple CEO, Tim Cook publicly announces his desire to produce more retail outlets so that there isn’t so much shipping of the products happening.

Turkey is monumental for Apple as it is only the thirteenth country in the entire world to date which will have received one of these retail stores. I think it’s safe to say we can expect more in the near future being built-in other nations soon.

The fruit company also would want a store within located on each continent and expanding even further into popular countries so that people can drive to a store no matter where they are in the world. As it stands now, there just wasn’t anything near the East now. Nearly all the other stores can be found throughout the United States and Europe.

Istanbul is a popular destination for holiday goers, and it is also the home of the Formula One Grand Prix where an event is held annually. This event is alone managed to boost tourism substantially for the year.