One of the original buttons Apple has always included in its iOS 7 operating system is the .com button. Normally when you open up Safari it is part of the web browser experience. This time around, however, that is no longer the case, or so it seems.

The button hasn’t disappeared all together, it has just changed locations. It wasn’t that Apple didn’t like it any more, but rather they decided to include some other domain extensions also. Now there is the .net, .edu and .org options to go with the com and these are found from another menu.

How To Find The Dot-Com Button In iOS 7

1. Navigate yourself over to the Safari app like normal and click it.

2. Look for the full stop key. Press and hold it and another list of extensions will present itself.

3. From here you will see the entire range of domain extensions show up.

The idea here is that if there is no .com button then you have to press the period symbol regardless to begin manually typing the “com” afterward and, therefore, you will notice it. However, that is in a perfect world scenario. I can safely say that I have typed in the address after wen address and never once have I seen this pop out for me. Now that I do know it is there I will continue to use it a lot and I hope you all do too.

Additional Information About Why Apple Chose To Change The Design

It could be that Apple simply didn’t have the space to put in these other entries from the normal screen, but they did want to include them and for good reason. Other websites are becoming increasingly popular and it won’t be long before users understand that there is most definitely more to the web than the simple dot-com. There is also talk of there becoming even more of these names in the future, so they might just be known as part of the web address before too long. If that is the case then Apple will be able to follow the same model of just having a dedicated area where they can slide more in. In other words, get used to how it is designed now because it most likely will be staying like that for the foreseeable future.