Contrary to popular belief, a black and white photo is not just a photo taken decades ago before we had color. Believe it or not, the black and white can actually be used as an effect for the image, much like certain popular movies used it in a successful way to help portray an idea.

The iPhone 5S came with some really great new camera features. Instead of being overly excited about it, it will probably be something we will see in every iPhone that comes out, simply because taking photos is so popular and we can always enhance this in future with extra settings.

If I told you being able to transfer a colored photo to black and white you might not believe me, but well, it is, and if you want to learn how you too can turn your camera roll into nothing more than shades, then keeping reading.

Creating Black And White Photos In iOS 7

1. Open the phone as you normally would and navigate over to the camera app.

2. In the top right hand corner is a button that says edit in blue. Click on it.

3. A filter button will show up. Tap it.

4. The middle option will show three circles overlapping each other. Tap this one.

5. Using the swipe gesture, it will give you three different shade options: Mono, Tonal and Noir.

6. You can try all of them out and choose which one you would like to apply.

7. There is an applied button there to use to keep the effect.

Mono takes all the saturation out of the picture.

Tonal will do the same thing, but then add an extra amount of brightness to it, enhancing certain aspects.

Noir will offer a drastic change to the image. It does both of the tasks we mentioned before plus an added extra of contrast elements on top.