We’ve seen a few changes in Safari when it comes to negating around the new iOS 7, and while this is to be expected for the most part, that doesn’t always mean we know how to use it; such as the way to the find words and phrases feature.

Searching With The Safari Web Browser In iOS 7

1. To search for text from web pages you need to be on the site you want to find the text one.

2. Once you are there, simply delete what is in the URL bar. This is the bar that displays the website name at the top.

3. Now from here type in the word or phrase you want to search for that is on the site.

4. After the words are typed, there will be a drop down menu of options displayed. Scroll until your cursor is on the one that says “on this page”. That is the trick to it. Now it will give you the answer from the site only and not the entire web or as a Google search.

It will now appear for you where applicable.

The Safari browser helped Apple during November of 2013 when Google was ordered to pay 17 million dollars in fines for “skirting Safari”. Google was in trouble in 2012 for breaching the Safari security. The Mountain View company was ordered to pay $22.5 million in fines then. When iOS 6 was developed Safari was at its fastest. It then received a complete overhaul in the 7th generation of Apple’s operating system.