As we get older and our lives are inevitably more and more hectic, notifications are something we will get more of as time goes on. It’s only natural to want to enhance these the best way possible and there are heaps of ways to do this to meet all people’s needs, instead of the standard Apple way of going about it. Many of these are done via tweaks which need the jailbreak on a device.

The last thing you want is to feel the urge of throwing your phone across the room because it is driving you made with push notifications.

IOS 7 has managed to successfully integrate a few new features that help natively without the need of a jailbreak at all.

Dismissing the Notifications Guide:

1. When the notification is on-screen, simply swipe gesture upwards and it will disappear right away.

2. You also have the option of not touching it and it will eventually go away by itself. Waiting for it to go away is annoying to some who just want to shoo it off the screen.

3. You can make changes to how this works by visiting the notification center app. You can also get this by swiping down inside of iOS 7 anywhere and at any time.

We love what we see on iOS 7. We like looking at the fresh design with vibrant colors, and we also enjoy its new features that not only expand the OS but also make some parts easier to use. The inclusion of the control center is a good example of what I’m talking about. That hasn’t stopped the Nielsen Norman Group from saying that it wishes iOS 7 was different, however. Nielson says that Apple needs to work on the iOS 7 user experience. There’s nothing to suggest that Apple are totally happy with what they have created in the 7th version of their operating system. They have put in thousands of hours of work and a lot of it will likely change in the future as they become better at what they do so Nielson might have a point. It’s possible that Apple did stray away from what we all knew how to use in trying to create extra change in the OS just for the sake of creating something new.