We’ve known since a bit after the first week of sales that the iPhone 5C — the budget version of the new iPhone — has been struggling to sell. It just didn’t seem to have enough of a hardware jump from the previous mobile and it also lacked anything new to play with. That is, unless you are a girl.

Around the 10th of October down under in Australia almost half of the 5C sales were going the way of the pink colored one. The entire selection ranges from lime green, blue, yellow and pink. Many people would have assumed that pink would most likely be the least favorite, and because of this, would sell the least amount. That has not been the case at all and it’s safe to say that it is the women who are buying this type of smart phone purely to get a splash of color manifested into their lives.

If it wasn’t for the fashion trend the 5C might not have hardly sold at all, and frankly, that’s the way that makes sense because it didn’t do anything the previous years benchmark phone didn’t have already anyway.

Today is reporting that Apple will halt production of the budget iPhone and make only half of the amount that the mark today going forward from here on out.