The iPhone 5S — the flagship new iPhone — has been the mobile that has suffered the most app crashes, reports suggest.

The new iOS 7 has been the talk of the town since its release. There has been reports of some many different types of bugs in the system, it isn’t even funny, many of which have already been ironed out thanks to two further updated installments of the new firmware.

The fact that the 5S has been the one to end up worse isn’t much of a surprise considering that it is the only device in the range considered as entirely new. The 5C is very much the same as the old iPhone 5 and the only other Smartphone that is compatible with the IOS 7 is the iPhone 4.

Many would be shocked that the one that they pay the most money for is also the one that is crashing, but if time heals all wounds, then there is no shock here at all.

Apps is only one of the issues that has come to light from users. Others include really fast battery drain, which is helped by a hard reset. There was also the dreaded iMessage working on an intermittent basis.

As a refresher, the 5S comes with a high resolution display, high resolution camera, high pixel density screen, small dimensions, dual core processor and fast 4G mobile data support. Although this may be true, it lacks a MicroSD card slot for additional storage expansions, the battery is not user replaceable and it connects with an Apple USB cable only. A cable from a different proprietor will not work.