We are now entering the silly season, and along with it comes not only a lot of hustle and bustle of everyday life, but also in the world of the wonderful developers too. In case you missed it, back in 2011 when avatars were the bomb, there was an Android app called Androidify which first came out. The idea behind it was that instead of creating your own cartoon picture of your face, you could make a custom Droid instead, mimicking the Android logo.

The applications seem nothing more than a forgotten afterthought now unless you are one of the regular enthusiast who endeavor and indulge in creating a new one every so often so that they can use it as one of their profile pictures and show off how much of a green robot fan they are. If you happen to fall into that category then you will no doubt be interested to learn that it has just received a brand new update today.

Being really close to Christmas time they have dished out an update that has Chrissy designer outfits that you can deck yours out in. Along with clothes that resemble the festive season, you can also deck it out with deer horns and other accessories.

Once upon a time this application was so crazy that Motorola was running a competition to give away 20 Droid 4 phones in exchange for peoples creations that they had made from it.

For those interested in learning where the original Android design came from, it was the designer taking the idea of a toilet rest room after being told to include a Robot (possibly green) in the idea. If you go back and take a look at what a bathroom symbol looks like and then pair it next to the robot you will begin to see the startling resemblance. That’s a true story! That information came from the New York Times here.

Download: Androidify