Although the shipping part technically arrived fine, once the products had to be loaded from the docs to the cars things took a turn for the worst. Because of the recent snow storms in the U.S as we are now in Winter time in the land of white Christmas’s, it seems the new Smartphone order has had to be put on hold due to them not being able to be transported to the stores.

The States have had a rough time of it this year. First, it was a hurricane over the state of New York, then it was twisters taking over at a later date than usual when people would normally expect the season to be over, and now it seems it’s the blizzards turn to wreck havoc for the time being.

“Unfortunately a winter storm is causing hazardous conditions in Fort Worth, where our factory is located. Our top priority is the safety and well-being of our team members, as well as providing the highest level of service to our customers. We are taking steps to make up any lost time, but we anticipate some delay.”

The necessary adjustments have been made on the official Motorola website for when consumers go to look at the times. The expected time once was quite quick, but now has ballooned out to two weeks. The good news is that before the snow there weren’t any issues with supply and demand so things should be able to resume a normal time period once it dies down a little bit.

These two different Smartphones are basically the same thing, but the “G” is the cheaper, watered down version of it. They both seem to be great value for money though, and arguably the best value we have seen out of any handset this year. The one exception would be a tablet called the Nexus 7, but that is of course a tablet.

It was once thought that the Motorola DVX would be the “G’, but the overseas customers did in fact get a different version all together. Last month saw the first ever commercials released for these phones so you can check those out at any time you wish from YouTube channels.

They also did a good job at making the even a live stream for everybody to see in early November.