We love the Pebble Smartwatch for what it represents: being the first ever Smartwatch ever made as well as being funded as a project by the people for the people. To help it along even further and keep its popularity on the up, others really haven’t managed to master something it can’t do.

The strength of the new age technology watches lies in the notifications. This is its main selling point. Whether your class that success as a lazy owner or worth merit is at your own peril, but for now that’s what makes them sell. This update has managed to come up with a new idea to make them different from before. Now there is a do not disturb mode that lets the owner effectively keep the notifications on, but going into a silent mode so they don’t get alerted. Amazing that this didn’t already exist, but with them being so fresh and new, it isn’t until now that we are starting to see a broader reach in use.

Alarms had also seen a sizable adjust. There are now several options to have more than one going at the same time, almost like an extra bit of memory.

It was only last month that we saw the Pebble become available from Amazon. This isn’t a great way to shop overseas because they don’t deliver outside of the U.S. If you are inside it, however, then they can offer some great deals around this time of the year, and this was certainly one of them.

That’s about all to report on this one. It will likely be the last upgrade of any sort that we will see until the new year comes in. Employees could be taking a standard break as well, so I wouldn’t hold your breath for the month of January either.

AT&T started selling the pebble on September the 27th. That was the release date given for that carrier.

Via: Android Central