Google Play edition phones are something we are all too familiar with. They offer users a stock Android experience like no other and as such that is what operates as their first and foremost selling point. What we haven’t seen, however, is that drifting over to the phablet side of things yet. Phablets are generally less popular, so there is no real reason other than that one.

The Sony Xperia Z Ultra retails for $649 and will become the first ever Phablet to be a Google Play Edition special. You can find out all there is to know from the Google Play link here.

If you have bought a new phone lately from in-store, then chances are you come across this one sitting in the glass display. It looks huge when compared to others like the iPhone and many people wouldn’t realize that it’s not a tradition Smartphone at all. They can often be hard to distinguish because it’s too small to be a tablet and people don’t know of any other terms yet.

This ones been available since September of 2013 where it debuted in the United States and the United Kingdom at the same time. If you were looking at it from American shores it had the original price tag of $899, so as you can see, this Play version comes in a lot cheaper. When it’s only three months older, that’s a great deal and will hopefully work as a primary way to boost sales. Keeping this stock Android experience alive is certainly in Android best interest, and for that reason this can be viewed as a great deal.

There’s footage out there that will show you the Sony design director talking about the design that was implemented in this Z Ultra. In Hong Kong is was quickly identified as a top of the range device, that also came with a hefty price tag. It also launched in Taiwan by the end of July.