As time goes one we constantly see phones and carriers attempt to make things faster. U.S phone carrier Sprint now has a new service rather appropriately named Sprint Spark. The idea behind it is that as long as you are already exposed to 4G LTE network connections, then you will be able to go one better by tapping into the new Spark service. This intern will give off speeds that eclipse the usual 4G LTE.

“Sprint’s investment in upgrading our network infrastructure has required a massive team of dedicated engineers and technicians to systematically install new, modern 3G and 4G LTE-capable equipment. This process involved equipping Sprint cell towers in the Chicago area with state-of-the-art network technology. It took us more than a year to complete and, although there have been some service interruptions, we expect our customers will find the improved Sprint wireless experience worth it.”-Bob Azzi, Chief Network Officer.”

As of today this is working in the city of Chicago only inside of the United States. It certainly won’t be spreading around the world any time soon because this carrier doesn’t go outside the States. It could and should start to see a spread across the country soon enough though. We’ll keep an eye on it and see when it continues to grow.

This is public information available to be looked at from the official Sprint website. They’ve got a big write up of it featured today.

This company is no stranger to the newness of late, with its reportedly losing 360,000 customers over the span of Q3 in 2013 alone. Sprint also lost over $398 million in revenue over this period of time.

They don’t plan on giving up though, and the SoftBank founder, who has 78% shares in the company has said it could take up to two years to turn it back around to face in the right direction, but he won’t give up until they have done so. This neat bit of technology is certainly a step in the right direction to say the least.

The current ZTE Android tablet has just gone through certification at the FCC. This is going to be a big tablet for Sprint. People are saying it could be an exclusive tablet for the carrier because it could well be a successor to the ZTE Optik which was a low range elusive in itself.

These guys have been using the Tri-band LTE network since July of 2013. To have another upgrade during the same year is impressive.