This new phone is so hot off the press that you won’t find much of anything about it just yet. The S4 Active LTE is its name, and it does have a predecessor — the S3 under the same name. Another year and another range of products are seemingly going to be produced after the launch of the Galaxy S4, Samsung’s flagship phone, has already taken place. It wasn’t long until the Active then came out along with many of the others like the Mini and Mega versions. The LTE-A offers users a different experience all together that gives extra wireless power to make things faster speeds than before. It was originally only known as 4G-LTE is that gives you a better idea. This one can only be enjoyed from Korea as of now, under the SK-Telecom name.

Because we only see big handsets released once every 12 months, the companies are now starting to bring out “between phones” to give consumers something else to experience. Consider it a well thought out bit of marketing rather than a traditional gimmick as such because it is well worth the extra speeds, but it’s not realistic to expect previous owners to buy this just because of the LTE mark it has now. To make things a little bit more worth the shoppers while they have also upgraded it’s under the hood power by giving it a quad-core 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800. The old specs used to be 1.9GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600. The camera on this one has also seen an increase up to 13MP. That’s a whopping 5MP more than the old 8Mp rear camera.

Note: the picture featured is not the one we are talking about here. We haven’t seen any real pictures of this as it’s only open to Korean media that have yet to scoop up any. You can expect it to look similar in design, as most of the changes have nothing to do with the outside shell at all. With that being said, we aren’t sure on any new color changes that may have also gone along with the new model.