Sometimes we can take for granted just how well any given device is doing just because the name becomes such a household one. Take the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for example, that just gets mentioned every day on just about every tech blog there is. If you were wondering what its sales are like, well it just managed to surpass the 10 million shipment milestone and all of that has happened in 8 weeks.

Phablets have a tendency of not getting as much attention as the Smartphones, and that can also be reflected is the sales figures. It doesn’t sell as much either, but it is still a vitally important product that plays an integral role inside of the galaxy ecosystem and arguably opens up the doors for more traditional mobiles to be sold.

Early on it was rumored that the Note III would be coming with a flexible display. That didn’t happen, but it also didn’t really matter this year. The important thing was that Samsung became a name that does at least have a flexible display in its product range. Next year should open the flood gates to bigger and better things on the curve front. It’s even possible, we see them stretched right around the sides of the handset for better viewing pleasure.

July saw the rumor mill run rampant, with 3GB of memory the biggest bit of leaked information to go along with the images. It eventually came in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB memory sizes and had a 5.68 inch Super AMOLED display. Because this was bigger than a Smartphone its chipset was always going to be different. It was also vital that Samsung managed to put all of the right things in there. It ended up having 1.8GHz Octa-core Samsung Exynos 5420 processor with an ARM Mali-T628 MP6 GPU.

Smartwatches saw a big leap in sales this year after the Galaxy Gear was released. This came with compatibility with this Note, and that also would have played a part in boosting the sales. Still, to have 2 million in two months is a promising statistic. The South Korean company doesn’t look like taking its foot off the accelerator just yet, and it should remain at the top of the pile for the years ahead.