Something we take for granted when using desktop computers is how goo the emailing clients are. There are some good aspects to viewing email and inbox from a smartphone like how easy it is to scroll down the screen and delete a message at will, but when it comes to features there are less.
Sending two emails at a time that are not direct from your camera roll on iOS is impossible without installing an application to help. Up until now Multi-Attach mail was the way to go, but now there is a new app in town that is now a rival it called Multiple attachments.

The first thing that is noticeable if you look inside the iTunes link is that it has created to suit iOS 7, and it looks magnificent! Open up the older, Multi-attach link, you will see it started at iOS 5, and it is starting to look like an app of the past too. Without even looking at the features, the new app is winning this battle.

multiple attatchments

Where this new app stands out, is its capability to attach pages from productivity application to email which has proved an impossible task. With this application, it is possible without any worries.
Most of us should be running iOS7. If that is the case, you wont have any problems with compatibility. If you are not running Apples latest firmware, then you can not use it until you do. I highly endorse that all of you connect your device to iTunes and start the download. Alternatively go to the settings and check for the OTA update that will be sitting there waiting for you to install.

It is available in 11 separate languages and works on iPad and the iPhone. It does not matter how old the device is as long as it is running iOS 7.

So how does this app stack up compared to emailing normally?

It looks good. Everything is developed¬†the same way. It has “To” and Cc/Bcc and then the last field is the traditional Subject where you give the email a title before sending. It is very simple and looks almost identical to any other mailing client; however it can send more than one file at one which is the big difference here.

Download it from here on the App Store.

I highly recommend downloading from the link I have made available above, or from typing in the name from the App Store directly. The reason I say this is because I found it very difficult to find from Google search. Typing it in direct from the App store means you have to scroll to the right, and it is the third app. The first app that comes up is the Multi-Attach because it has been around longer and has more people using it.

The Downside

After you have downloaded it, click on the icon from the Springboard and inside will be a set of instruction. You will soon see that English is not the developers first language. That makes it a bit difficult to understand what he is trying to say and how to use it. For the example:
This presents a significant problem if people do not know what they are doing. There are no other options inside the application itself other than a picture of the rubbish bin in the top left side and the icon that symbolizes to open. Clicking out of there and go to the normal standard iOS 7 email apps and go to composing an email, there does not seem to be any option popping up there either.