When I first found out about “Reddit”, I could not believe how popular it was. It was a website that did not looking very good, but it did have a unique logo of a little alien style head. It did not take long before I started to see the sheer amount of up-votes and shares to see that there was something special here that I should take more time getting to know. So I did, and I’m glad I took the time to learn more about Reddit.

That was my experience from a web browser though and not as such from a mobile browser. In fact, the website is so displeasing from a mobile that I did not visit it at all until I started using a client called Redd early March of this year.

Reddit chalkboard

Redd is for iOS 7 and Redd Now is exclusive to Android only. If I’m using my Android, I like to use Reddit Now as my dedicated Reddit application to view the website from when I’m looking on my mobile phone browser.


I do not like to use the mobile theme on other websites because I feel as though I’m missing the full and proper experience I should be getting. However, when it comes to Reddit dedicated clients such as redd and reddit Now, they are way ahead of what the standard desktop view of the website looks when viewing from the smaller smartphone screens.

Earlier on when this app was first developed it had some stability issues, and that could be a reason why it is not really popular. By looking at the Play Store link included below, you will only see a few thousand comments, and it says over 50,000 and 100,000, downloads so far. The site gets a huge amount of traffic, and we know how popular Android is, so it is somewhat of a shock not seeing more people. However, it is not too low for it to be alarming.

This new version 3.0.3 is the best yet. It is very stable, will not give you anywhere near the amount of lag the older versions did and so far I’ve used it all week and have not found one bug. One inclusion the developers have put in the change log is the “force close” issue has been resolved now.

There are lots of new features such as the new comments system which people are already raving about. There’s a new UI that looks great. It has been designed a lot more like a magazine now, and it lets you perform simple swipe gestures to change Subreddits.

This application is for tablets and mobile phones, and it looks and works equally as impressive on both. I have tried it on the nexus 7 and the Motorola Atrix, and I’m impressed with the design.

Gold members are open to some new features such as syncing everything that you have looked at already between devices like the mobile and tablet. This will now remember the posts that you have already read, and that helps a lot if you want to go back and check out interesting articles you have viewed already. It is easy to waste time searching for things because of the sheer amount of content that gets posted on reddit every day. For that reason, this “Gold” feature becomes really useful.