If I am using an iPhone I always use Safari as my browser because I have to wipe my cache a lot and I find it very simple to do. I navigate to Settings > Scroll down to Safari > Scroll down to Clear Cookies and Data and then go back and it is done. When trying to do this from Google Chrome I find it an impossible task. For one, Chrome does not appear in my Settings application at all.

However, my Dad uses Android daily and I additionally contribute lots of experience on his smartphone and when I am on Android I use Chrome all the time because it is my next favorite browser out of all of them and believe me from a mobile device there is many worth mentioning.

Chrome for Android


By clicking on the Google Play link you will see its classed under communication by Google Inc. Below will be some of the latest using comments and one person is accusing it of being malware. It is a ridiculous statement and I would not hesitate to download the official Google browser application. If anybody is against malware it is Google who has the strictest advertising campaign you can sign up to on the web and if there’s one company I can safely say that can rely on to block out malware and viruses it is the guys from mountain View above all others.

The official date for this update was the 28th of March and the two key elements to it are stability and security updates. To use Google Chrome for Android you need to be using Android 4.0 Icee Cream Sandwich or newer as an operating system.

Because it is all security and stability related that means you will not notice many differences when using it, but it always a good idea to update by installing a newer version so you are browsing the web with the best user experience possible.

After you download the app for the first time you will have to accept Google’s terms and services like your relation with Google, accepting the terms, language of the terms, provision of the service by Google use of the service by you, privacy and your personal information, content in the services proprietary rights, License from Google and heaps of others from a long list. Eventually, you will get down to the bottom after scrolling and click the blue button that says accept and continue. Now you can start using Chrome!

Download Google Chrome for Android 4.0 and up free from this Gogle Play Store link here.

If you want to learn what else Google has been up to with Chrome lately there are two things we think are worth mentioning. The first is we have learnt that Chrome apps will be coming to the smartphone platform which will be great to see. Many people did not know computers had apps, but for browsers they are very popular to install. They are also known as plugins. Furthermore, the release is closer than ever now because Google has released developer tools for iOS and Android which means progress is well under way.