When I was a high school student I treasured sport. Whether it was bodyboarding or basketball or any of the other extra curricular activities I dabbled in out of school hours I was always enjoyed actively keeping healthy. However, when it came to a career, I told myself the furthest thing I desired to be doing was using all my energy while working hours and then have none left for my sport. With that frame of mind, it wasn’t long before I pursued avenues that led to my being behind a desk for the most part of the day. That avenue, today, is blogging where I am writing this. But one thing I have learned is that after you spend a long time to sit on your backside it is important to keep active and set aside some time to keep fit. Not only will your body reward you for it and keep you feeling healthy, but you’ll even find yourself more productive during work time because of the endorphins it releases into your brain.

Settings yourself aside 30 minutes a day to go for a run will not make you tired that you lose production and it will even make a more productive person because of the endorphins.


Runtastic render

It’s with that news that I’m pleased to announce that Runtastic for Android has now been updated to version 5.0. If you take my recommendation and leave for a run you can now do it all without updated graphics plus find out how your body is going with important information such as hydration levels.

There’s lot to like about this application but if I had to nitpick it would be about the heavy American accent that played the role of the narrator during the Runtastic commercial that you can view by clicking on the video inside of the Google Play store link. Now don’t get me wrong, I like and American accent, and many times I find their voices a lot more soothing than us Australian, but in this instance it seemed so generic that I lost interest in what he was saying.

The advertisement states that Runtastic is used by 70 million people worldwide are currently using the app. This app has remained around for a while, but they have been hard at work for the last 12 months trying to create something unique that they did not have before.

If you want to go that extra mile and be exposed to some unnecessary but still very cool features, the Pro version will let you have people cheering as you complete your workout. It may seem corny, but a lot of the bonuses we get from working out come from when we push ourselves that extra mile and there’s no better way to achieve that other than to feel like you impress others in the process. Now you can feed off their energy and get Live tracking to make you finish hard.

The freshest new innovative characteristic I want to talk about is the new music player. The most common activity to carry out while exercising between us is to have music playing in the ears and now you can run with fully integrated support for Spotify, SoundCloud, Pandora and of course our very own Google Play Music.

I love banner ads, but I realize that the world does not. If you enhance it to the Pro version you also will have the banners taken away so you have nothing on display but the app. A lot of the time apps won’t offer any extra features and just make you pay for the ad removal so if you look at it from that perspective, it’s not a bad deal at all to go Pro.

Runtastic Running And Fitness is free to install from the Google Play Store.