By proceeding straight to the Google Play Store you can now download and install Airtel Pocket TV for most Android devices out there running 2.2 and up. It will let viewers watch over 150, TV channels, live direct from a smartphone.

We’ve seen a few attempt at this over the last few years from different companies and some of them have shown glimpses of success. However, this application from Airtel is one we are predicting to go far. The reason we anticipate this one being different from the others it is its low price of just $60 per month. That equates to around $2 a day for 10,000 hours of video content.

Airtel Pocket TV

We also like its chances because smartphones are now getting bigger in display size. People do not have to go out and buy a DVD player to watch movies that have already seen twenty times before just to spare themselves from looking out the windows during travel times. Now, with Pocket TV, you can watch live shows of stuff you have not seen before instead. How much better does that sound?

The last reason we like it is because of the new technology in the app that has a feature called adaptive streaming. Have you ever noticed watching something and it lags? That is annoying. To stop that some smart services have a way of lowering the bandwidth and picture quality to stop it from lagging when it thinks it could not otherwise carry out a perfect video stream. The example I mentioned is called adaptive streaming and it is way better than trying to watch a show filled with lag because you will go crazy after ten minutes.

How to sign up:

1. Download and install the official app from the Play Store here.

2. Type in “SMS <ADD TV> to 54325” from the mobile number that is signed up to the Play store account you want to run it on.

Now you have instant subscriptions to 13 TV channels to watch so much fresh content.

It  is owned by Bharti Airtel Limited who are an Indian company and specialize in mobile and digital TV services so it  is no surprise they managed to pair the two of them together here.

Source: Airtel Pocket TV