We are right in the midst of the mobile boom and there is no feature in the smartphone world that bonds us all together than the simple SMS message. It is right up there with “Googling” and calling people on the handset to make the top three most important reasons my friends need a mobile phone. With that knowledge, it is almost expected that developers enhance it in a way that we did not even think possible.

It works very similar to the original Sliding Messaging application was created by XDA developers member Klinkdawg and it was also originally part of the CyanogenMod ROM features. After saying that you are probably starting to get a good idea about the general feel of this app. It starts of black, packed with features and it will swell your brain just how different it is to the stock SMS app that Android built-in to their OS over the years.

Sliding SMS


Sliding SMS is the stock CM 10 messaging application and as long as you are running Android ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean or Kitkat it can give you a completely different messaging experience by swiping with hand gestures across the screen very similar to the way Google Hangouts works. Also known as CM messaging, this app edited by “You’ll Be Smitten” gives more features than the stock Android version and you can change the theme so the design looks different with either a dark or a light colored theme. There is the choice of changing avatars for you and your friend’s list. Deleting the history and old messages is very simple with a big box option if you do not like people snooping around your phone. There is a messaging screen that can show lots of different people on the one screen that you ave been texting with, plus the time you used the last SMS and also any files shared by showing the paper clip symbol in the corner. When texting in one person, a new avatar, will appear next to their information and you can choose to give yourself one or leave it out blank. There is also pop-up replies and quick post replies from notification to make your messaging faster.

Download Sliding SMS (CM Messaging) for Android free from the Google Play Store here.