There are times in life when Samsung can frustrate us with being so untimely with updates, but then there are other times such as today when we can only sit back and applaud their work.

Want to learn some of the Samsung Galaxy S5 features while using a different Android based device like the Xperia or Nexus range? There’s an app for that.

Samsung Galaxy S5 experience

It seems Samsung has been smart enough to come up with a new way of promoting a new product by making the Galaxy S5 experience available to be used on other devices, as well as giving customers the chance to try the real thing in selected stores across the world. If people are not lucky enough to live near a store that is selling the S5, then Sammy has it covered too by offering an official application that will mimic much of what the galaxy S5 will be like to use if you had one in your hands.

It will not give a full OS experience; however, it will give you the chance to experience much of the new features that are different in this 2014 flagship variant compared to the 2013 model. Choose from either a full video experience linked to YouTube, a main features mode and even check out how the connectivity with the Galaxy Gear 2 and Fit band works. That is lots to check out, including a design preview and an introduction to Galaxy S5 accessories. To take advantage of the features on offer, get downloading from the link at the bottom of the post.

The Galaxy S5 experience application is available to download from the Google Play store here.