Hide pictures – KeepSafe Vault is an application that has seen many updates since its release, but what it does for the end-user far outweigh the bugs you might have found in the past. And now, thanks to an even more stable build, there’s no reason not to download this app if you are looking to gain more privacy on your Android handset.

Hide Pictures does just what the name suggest and hides any images you have in your galleries so that people cannot view them. Now days, it is very common to have to pass our Smartphones around the table at meetings so that our compatriots and family can take a look at the latest technology we own that is different to theirs. Handsets are coming out every single year and because of that many of us are always using different devices.

Hide Pictures KeepSafe


Furthermore, the features are constantly being updated so there are lots to check out and many reasons why you might find your smartphone leaving your hands, and into someone else’s at the next party you arrive in. With this application, we can securely lock away pictures you only want viewed by yourself so that when others are looking at your photos they will not appear there. It turns them into invisible photos. By accessing a secret password, you can then unlock them for your own eyes again! It is the perfect solution to having your own private photos stored safely on your phone. The same idea works with all of your videos stored on your device too.

Now Hide Pictures from KeepSafe is updated to version 3.9.1, and it comes with bug fixes and better stability to the unhidden/move/share feature.

Speed and stability improvements had played a big part in a lot of the updates so far, so this will be without question, loads greater than it was at the moment that it first came out. If you trialed it earlier in its existence and didn’t enjoy it all that much, then by all means, it will be worth trying again if you like the idea of what it does with keeping your videos and photo galleries safe.

Download the latest version here from the Google Play Store.