If you are a resident in Canada and run off of the carrier, Telus, then you can expect your HTC One mobile to be equipped with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean by the end of the month according to sources.

The 4.3 is the latest version of Android that is currently available to use on devices. They have already announced the 4.4. Kit Kat, however, it is not running on any phones as of yet.

The HTC One is the flagship phone for the Taiwan based mobile giant, and subsequently it should be receiving these big updates sooner rather than later.

The news comes from some Canadians who say Telus have been in touch with them and informed them of the operation.

The 4.3 build is currently in its testing stages for the HTC One. There has not yet been an exact date for its release. When it does come out we will cover it, as well as attempt to get hold of any file for manual installations.

This would also coincide with the update we knew was coming which would bring the latest Sense 5.0. There was no doubt the feature would be coming with some type of update, however, we weren’t certain which update it was going to be. That question seems to be now answered.