KitKat will be the name of the next Android operating system, that much we do know already. What we don’t know is anything else about it.

Today, some images have emerged which show the operating system running on a mobile phone. There is a distinct shot of the new dialer on screen and it looks a great deal different to the previous Jelly Bean.

The new KitKat has almost a retro feel to it, with the style being very simple and straight forward. There is no more clutter when compared to the last version. The font is basic and there is lots of “nothing” space. There is a common blue trend throughout the screenshots. The blue used is similar to a sky blue, with the phone symbol round and beneath the numbers. The background is still white and the numbers are also in blue.

The message screen is very simple when empty. There is a light gray smiley Android in the background, and the typical Android shade of green bordering the top bar.

The background on the home-screen is one of the common one’s found on jelly bean where it uses a multicolored effect nicely.

Update: There is some talk of this being a fake shot. There is no official word on its authenticity.