After showing us a series of short teaser trailers in succession — most of which we covered here before there just become too many of them — the Oppo N1 has finally been revealed to the world. If you are a fan of aftermarket parts, you might also be interested to know they have included official CyanogenMod support in a CM edition dedicated device. This comes about a week after the CyanogeMod team announced that after a 7 million dollar donation from all of the kind folks around the world, they have finally branched out and become a proper company.

The Oppo N1 had been sliding under many people’s radars as just another Oppo device and most, if not all, never saw this CM duet coming. Now that it has, though, it is sure to get a few more heads turning than it previously would have.

How is that going to work since Cyanogen is a custom ROM?

It is rumored that a special edition of the mobile will come pre-loaded with the support and CM build already on board; thus eliminating any nervous jitters and headaches about the installation process of Android aftermarket ROM’s. Something that should only be a good thing when looking into the crystal ball about hacks future. To have Google and Android on board the hacking train, and happy to have it around, means nothing short of a hopeful and a great future ahead. It could also now start to begin chipping away at Apple’s numbers because they simply refuse to make it easy for jailbreaks.