The Moto X is an intriguing device that I would love to get my hands on, however, it just doesn’t really suit a person needs in my neck of the woods unless you are opting to skip the plan. It’s a device that is cheap enough to make you sit back and say, well, why would I jump on a plan to that when I can get a really expensive phone whilst paying the same amount? Regardless, the Moto X won’t be heading over to the Australian shoppers anyway, so there’s that also. Google and Motorola have announced they would supply us other, lesser, slightly irrelevant folks, with a cheaper “watered down’ alternative.

If you are somebody living in the States, however, then the Moto X looks to be the goods with the options presented over that way in terms of pricing and deals. There’s also a new carrier in town which some of you might not be aware of and they are offering a rather different deal than the rest of the competition, which just might suit your needs. The carrier I’m talking about is Republic Wireless, and they are dishing out this mobile for $299 without any contracts attached. That at least appears to be a great deal for those not wanting to be locked in on any plan. If that was myself, I would be jumping all loved this.

Republic Wireless offer an unlimited cell phone service all over the United States of America.

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